Calhoun Harrelson, our founder and artist, he is Cal and he paints palmettos, thus, “calmettos”. He is turning South Carolina into “The Calmetto State!

A native South Carolinian, Calhoun has experienced all things Coastal South Carolina from hunting and hiking, to fishing, boating, planting southern pines, seining for shrimp, gathering crabs and oysters for a roast and simply enjoying a love of the land. Joining Calhoun in this calmettos endeavor are his wife, son and South Carolina State dog Boykin Spaniel. Calhoun’s roots run deep in South Carolina as his Great Uncle John C. Calhoun was South Carolina’s greatest Statesman.

Ask Calhoun why he loves all things Coastal South Carolina, and he will quickly tell you, “You can feel it. You can taste it. You can smell it. You can see it. It’s the outdoors of South Carolina that causes folks to live a little longer.

Sit in a deer stand and wake up with the woods, rest your johnboat over an oyster bed and reach over to snag a few 

fresh ones, walk into a morning cotton field and feel as if South Carolina is clothing the world, nibble on soybeans out in the field or see the miracle of southern peanuts growing just below the surface of the ground, watch wood ducks breaking the sunrise wind, plant thousands of pine seedlings and get the South Carolina earth in your nostrils.

Harrelson adds, “It’s why people come here. It’s all good; and calmettos can be your way of bringing it all together and into your home or office.